Serious about beer? We are.

"I am a Norfolk man and glory in being so."

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.

Brewed in Nelson’s County

Hidden away in the heart of Norfolk, you'll find us working hard, perfecting our craft, just like we've always been. Raised in Nelson’s county, we've called Woodbastwick our home since 1989, and our passion has brought us incredible success with two Supreme Champion Beer of Britain awards under our Admiral’s hat.

Now, 30 years on, our tasty, traditional brews are proudly found on tap nationwide.

Says something about the beer, doesn't it?

A hands-on approach to brewing

Mastercrafters of specialty beers, we’ve spent a lifetime exploring what it takes to make the unequalled brew for you – from our state-of-the-art brewery nestled within the winding Norfolk Broads.

Brewing some of the best British beer for the past three decades, we've always taken pride in what we do, meticulously selecting all our ingredients for their quality and origin, using only the richest of hops for our creations. Not forgetting we use ancient water from deep below our home and the best barley in the world - grown by the farmers we grew up with - we are Norfolk made.

Where tradition meets innovation

Our master brewer has many years in the beer industry under their belt with knowledge and passion helping us perfect this age-old craft, bringing an exciting new splash of flavours to the table, from American IPA’s to black cherry porters.

But don't fret, our local favourites retain pride of place. Respecting tradition, our quality is as exemplary today as it was the day we began – our tried and tested brews are always made with you in mind.


You can trust us to keep creating new flavours while honouring the tastes you already know and love.