Fur and Feather Pub, Woodbastwick, Norfolk

We're pleased to announce a fantastic new addition to our beloved Norfolk pub; The Fur and Feather Inn, in the form of a Head Chef; Tim Abbott. 

With its thatched roof and tranquil setting at Woodbastwick on the Norfolk Broads, The Fur and Feather has long had a name for top quality pub fare.

Now landlord, Tim Ridley, has brought in a new Head Chef with a track-record of his own to further enhance the pub's repuation for home-cooked favourites amongst the foodie crowd, as well as delight beer lovers with our wide range on tap.

New Head Chef, Tim Abbott, is not a stranger to Norfolk, having worked at some of Norfolk's premier eating establishments, spending more than 10 years with acclaimed chef Richard Hughes as head chef at The Lavender House in Brundall and head chef and landlord at The Pigs at Edgefield in north Norfolk. 

Tim said: "I've had a great time working with Richard but I was desperate to get back into the hustle and bustle of two services a day and the opportunity to work at The Fur And Feather was too good to resist. It's always been a favourite of mine and I look forward to cooking so much of the food I've been eating over the years."

Tim has also worked overseas and throughout America, sampling many of the countries' culinary delights along the way, enabling him to add his own touch to many British favourites as well as creating his own dishes.

He said it would be evolution not revolution in the kitchen: "All The Fur And Feather classics such as the Nogin Yorky, Steak and Woodforde's Ale Pie and gluten free fish and chips will remain but I look forward to introducing some fresh new ideas.

 "I will not be meddling much with the menu initially, although I shall tweak dishes here and there to reflect my style. With The Fur And Feather being next door to Woodforde's Brewery, I am especially looking forward to working beer into some of my recipes and pairing it with food." 

Landlord Tim Ridley (left) and new Head Chef Tim Abbott

 Mr Ridley said he was delighted with the new addition to his team. "Tim comes with a fantastic pedigree and I am sure he will enhance our menu adding his own little twists."

Why not come and try the food (and beer!) out for yourself; to book a table please call 01603 720003 or for more information about The Fur and Feather, please click here.